Hogan Lovells selected Hestia as our London charity partner for 2017-2019. As part of the partnership our staff commit to raise money through a range of fun activities. Last year we raised over £90k for Hestia, but over the past two years our relationship has flourished; stretching beyond corporate philanthropy to embody a strategic partnership which creates lasting value for Hestia and Hogan Lovells.

We help Hestia support adults and children in crisis through a combination of pro bono legal advice, skilled volunteering and financial support. 

Colleagues from across the office supported the development of Hestia’s innovative Bright Sky App and conducted research on legal issues facing victims of modern slavery in the UK for Hestia’s latest Underground Lives report.

Our lawyers trained Hestia’s caseworkers on Criminal Injury Compensation (CICA) Claims, domestic violence injunctions and police complaints, enabling them to better support the survivors they work with. In addition, we have also commenced claims for CICA compensation on behalf of modern slavery and sexual abuse survivors.

Moving beyond legal support, a group of volunteers has signed up to directly support survivors of modern slavery through the Phoenix Project and colleagues have also supported over 80 services users and volunteers through the Steps into Employment programme, which builds participants’ confidence and ability to gain employment opportunities.

Our partnership with Hestia flows both ways. Hestia’s expertise has enabled us to improve our response to tackling domestic abuse, helping us to introduce HR guidance on domestic abuse. Susan Bright, our Regional Managing Partner – UK and Africa, led an internal campaign for the UK SAYS NO MORE campaign.

Hestia is an inspirational organisation that places the people who they support at the heart of what they do. Empowering people, changing lives is their mission, but it is also their day to day reality. I am proud to work for a firm that recognises the importance of the work that Hestia does and it is a pleasure to collaborate with friends at Hestia to help them achieve their mission.

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