Kingston to Brighton Bike challenge

Chantal Posse

Fundraising in support of mental health and wellbeing. Helping to support communities through a prolonged crisis

Women Walking With Purpose

Rachel Danso

Recent times has made many of us stop and pay more attention to life within our own four walls and to the lives of people around us. For some, this lockdown period has created closer connection with family and for others it has only exaggerated what for them is a challenging home environment. We want to support women and children who face difficulties and help Hestia give them hope.


Paul Willcocks

During the Covid-19 crisis I have been increasingly concerned about the welfare of children in lockdown. With no access to school for many, and with vulnerable children sometimes becoming seemingly invisible, now is the time to help and support as much as we can.


Courtney Beveridge

I have experience domestic abuse several times and want to help other victims including children

Domestic fundraiser

Kamil Kurasz

To provide financial assistance to those who might really need this.

SPDB Run The Bund Fund

William Martin

SPDB believes in doing their bit to help in tough times. Together we aim to raise money to buy PPE so that hestia can carry on the vital work they do.

London Marathon 2020

Joseph Russell

Running the London Marathon in October 2020 to support all the amazing work Hestia do

Epsom Golf Club: the Lady Captain's Charity 2020

Julie Trafford

I chose Hestia as my charity for my year as lady captain at Epsom golf club.

The Vitality Big Half - Amy

Amy Bunnett

To raise money for the vital work Hestia does around London and the South East!