Bird & Bird is proud to be fundraising for our charity partner Hestia. On April 27th, Liz Lang, Isabella Bordoli and Quinn Liang will be taking on Hestia's Race to Safety Challenge. 

What is the Race to Safety challenge?

The concept is simple but the challenge is tough! With no access to any of our belongings, including money and mobile phone, we will be blindfolded and dropped 10 miles away from the start location. With no knowledge of where we are, as a team we must then navigate our way back to the start as quickly as possible.

What is Hestia’s Referral Line?

While we know the race will be challenging and disorientating, it is nothing compared to the situations faced by the women who need Hestia’s referral line to find safety.

Each month Hestia's Referral Line takes 200 calls from victim-survivors of domestic abuse in urgent need of help. Their specialists then work with them to plan their escape to the safety of a refuge where they can begin to heal from their experiences. 

One call costs £25. Your donation will help more victims reach safety and refuge.

Bird & Bird will be matching every donation, so for every £1 you donate, Hestia will receive £2!

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