With your help Hestia was able to support more than 9,000 people with a range of services last year. In addition we were able to extend our services with new provisions and innovative initiatives.

Last year we opened our first Recover Café providing out of hours support to people experiencing a mental health crisis. The Bright Sky app we launched to help people experiencing domestic abuse lead to Hestia being shortlisted for the UK Charity Governance Awards 2018 in the Embracing Digital category. Hestia also partnered with TFL to pilot providing safe spaces across the TFL network.

The people Hestia supported with you help summarised according to need are:

Client Group

Year To 31 March 2018

Domestic Abuse (including children)


Mental Health & Complex Needs 


Modern Slavery Response 


Offenders, Ex-offenders and Mentally Disordered Offenders


Young People at Risk


Single Homeless


Older People


Generic and Complex Needs 


Personal Budget Holders


Substance Misuse


This year Hestia aims to go further to meet need where it arises. For example, we want to expand the successful Good Energy Club initiative (GEC). The GEC helps people with a mental health condition to engage in sports activities and build social networks; this not only helps improve their physical wellbeing but has been shown to improve many mental health conditions. 

To help us achieve our goals, please give generously today. 

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