Last year your donations helped Hestia to support 10,766 people in crisis. This included:

1,337 adult victims of modern slavery and 508 dependent children
(this is our fastest growing service and as of April 2020 this number had already passed 1,600 adults!)

2,225 adults and children to recover from the trauma of domestic abuse

3,270 people across our mental health services

Your donation helps people like Louise and her children rebuild their lives after fleeing years of domestic abuse. 

“He never hit me, but the verbal, emotional, mental and psychological abuse was worse than anyone could imagine; it felt like being in prison.

It wasn’t just me who he took his anger out on. My children, who were eight and ten at the time, experienced his abuse too.

He would put chilli powder all over their food and force them to eat absolutely everything. They weren't allowed to get down from the table until they had finished, even if it took hours.

He’d punish them by forcing them to sit on the stairs in the dark, for hours at a time. Sometimes, they would be forced to sit there through the day and long into the night. I was powerless to stop him – we were all terrified of him.

One evening, he tried to force our daughter to eat food from the floor. That was the final straw; we had to get out. In 2018, we fled to a Hestia refuge.

How we spend your donations

For every £1 donated to Hestia:

  • 98.81p is spent on delivering services
  • 1.02p is spent on raising more funds
  • 0.16p is spent managing investments

Read our Annual Review 2018/19.

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