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When you donate to Hestia, you help people like Nina and her children to recover from trauma and find a life beyond crisis. 

Nina’s story: "When we arrived at Hestia’s refuge, I was in shock. I couldn’t believe we had left."

"I still remember the day I decided to leave my husband. I had two suitcases and I remember telling the children we must be quick.  

Things had been very hard at home before I decided to leave. I was married for ten years and during that time my husband controlled my life and enjoyed publicly humiliating me.

At first I stayed for the children but when my daughter, who was seven years old, told me that she had heard her father saying that he wanted to kill me, I knew I had to leave.

When we arrived at Hestia’s refuge, I was in shock. I couldn’t believe I had left, I was so relieved. That one room we had felt like a mansion.

While at the refuge I got some support for my depression and I know what I need to do now to keep mentally healthy.

I would say to other women in a similar situation that the best thing you can do is leave. You will rebuild yourself again and nothing is worth that stress. I kept quiet for so long and I realise now that there were people who would have helped me."

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All names changed to protect anonymity.