UK SAYS NO MORE is a national campaign focused on raising awareness of and preventing domestic abuse and sexual violence.

The campaign is facilitated by Hestia and delivered in partnership with over 400 organisations, charities, community groups and Parliamentarian Champions across the UK, who are all working together to bring an end to domestic abuse and sexual violence.

UK SAYS NO MORE unites and strengthen a diverse community of members of the public and organisations nationwide to actively take a stand against domestic abuse and sexual violence under one powerful, visual symbol.

The campaign provides open-source tools and resources for individuals and organisations to take action and get involved in ending domestic abuse and sexual violence. Together we are challenging the myths and misconceptions around these issues, sharing resources and information, and ultimately working together to make real positive change.

Safe Spaces

UK SAYS NO MORE is also the home of the Safe Spaces scheme, providing spaces for anyone experiencing domestic abuse to access support. Find out more about Safe Spaces here.

You can find your nearest Safe Spaces here.

Domestic Abuse Bill

After proposals for a new Domestic Abuse Bill were announced in 2017, Hestia and UK SAYS NO MORE launched a Charter on Prevention, supported by more than 150 MPs and Parliamentarians.

The Charter calls for the Bill to both recognise children as victims of domestic abuse in their own right, and subsequently ensure they are able to access specialist support to recover. We are also asking for domestic abuse to become everyone's business, with the role of employers in responding to domestic abuse enshrined in law.

Following two rallies in Parliament, evidence presented by us to the Pre-Legislative Committee on the draft Bill, and two reports highlighting the impact of domestic abuse on children (see below), the Bill is currently in the committee phase in the House of Lords as of February 2021.

Find out more about how Hestia and UK SAYS NO MORE have campaigned for change as the Domestic Abuse Bill has made its way through Parliament.

Recent Publications

Healthy Relationship Toolkit

September 2019

Created in partnership with Hestia's Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) Integrated Mental Health Service The Grove Centre's Relationship Group

Impact On Adults Who Have Experienced Domestic Abuse In Childhood

May 2019

Data by Opinium, Commissioned by Hestia (2019)

UK SAYS NO MORE 2018/2019: Impact Report

May 2019

How UK SAYS NO MORE continues to fight domestic abuse and sexual violence in 2018/2019.

On The Sidelines: The Economic and Personal Cost of Childhood Exposure to Domestic Violence

March 2019

New analysis from charity Pro Bono Economics, carried out for Hestia, highlights the staggering potential cost, up to £1.4bn, to UK taxpayers of children exposed to severe domestic violence who are not given support to overcome their trauma. 

UK SAYS NO MORE 2017/2018: Impact Report

May 2018

See what we have achieved across the UK to end Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence in 2017. 

UK SAYS NO MORE 2016/2017: Impact Report

May 2017

See what we have achieved across the UK to end Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence in 2017. 

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