UK SAYS NO MORE is a national campaign focused on raising awareness of and preventing domestic abuse and sexual violence.

The campaign is facilitated by Hestia and delivered in partnership with over 400 organisations, charities, community groups and Parliamentarian Champions across the UK, who are all working together to bring an end to domestic abuse and sexual violence.

UK SAYS NO MORE unites and strengthen a diverse community of members of the public and organisations nationwide to actively take a stand against domestic abuse and sexual violence under one powerful, visual symbol.

The campaign provides open-source tools and resources for individuals and organisations to take action and get involved in ending domestic abuse and sexual violence. Together we are challenging the myths and misconceptions around these issues, sharing resources and information, and ultimately working together to make real positive change.

Safe Spaces

UK SAYS NO MORE is also the home of the Safe Spaces scheme, providing spaces for anyone experiencing domestic abuse to access support. Find out more about Safe Spaces here.

You can find your nearest Safe Space here

Ask for ANI

UK Says No More works alongside the Home Office deliver the Ask For ANI scheme, which works alongside the existing Safe Spaces scheme in pharmacies and jobcentres, enabling victims to request emergency help.

Find your nearest participating pharmacy or jobcentre

Sign up to the Ask for ANI scheme 

Learn more about UK SAYS NO MORE here, or follow the campaign on Twitter and Instagram.