Hestia has been working with Hogan Lovells since 2015 with a shared goal: to empower women and girls. Their knowledge and expertise allows us to create focused workshops to support the women in our service back into employment. 

I have achieved so much by attending these workshops which is going to prepare me for the future - I really recommend these sessions to others.

Karen, Hestia 

In 2017 Hestia was named as Hogan Lovells’ charity partner. As their charity partner, Hogan Lovells are committed to raising £180,000 over three years for the adults and children in our services. Their generosity will allow us to provide those experiencing a crisis a positive and sustainable change in their life.  

Hogan Lovells’ Impact

Hogan Lovells’ dedication to supporting our services has had an incredible impact so far:

  • Committed to fundraising £180,000 over three years.
  • Work closely with women in our service to provide specific skills for employment.
  • Organise workshops for Hestia employees and shared their legal knowledge surrounding injunctions, compensation and police complaints.
  • Joined our national UK SAYS NO MORE campaign.
  • Launched a new Domestic Abuse HR Policy.
  • Allow Hestia events to be hosted in their London offices.

Read our Hogan Lovells case study here.

We worked with 5 service users, they were all enthusiastic and engaged well in the session. We encouraged participants to engage in a mock interview using the information we’d given them throughout the workshop. It was a great session and a rewarding experience.

Hogan Lovells volunteer

We would like to extend our immense gratitude to Hogan Lovells for their continued support!

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