Hestia's Modern Slavery Training

Accredited training on Modern Slavery to professionals, helping them to confidently identify when someone they support might be a victim of modern slavery.

Our trainings are designed to provide your staff with an in-depth understanding of the scale and nature of Modern Slavery in the UK and globally today. Through real life case studies, discussions and interactive tasks, attendees will gain the skills they need to navigate the current support systems and Modern Slavery laws, helping them to confidently identify when someone might be a victim of modern slavery.

What types of training do we offer for organisations?


90 minutes online.

An overview of what Modern Slavery is, the different forms, what signs to look for, and what to do if you suspect someone is being exploited.

Ideal for volunteers, or staff who are new to the topic.

£55 per person


Half Day awareness course delivered in person or online.

Deeper insight into the needs of survivors and barriers to disclosure, as well as an introduction into the UK's survivors support system.

Essential training for staff who are likely to come into contact with exploitation.

£75 per person


Full day course delivered in person. 

We discuss the forms of modern slavery, its complexity, involvement in migration and organised crime. Delegates delve into what makes people vulnerable, what the drivers of exploitation are and an extensive guide to the UK's current support systems structure. We look at recent trends and the impact of the latest legislation, such as the Illegal Migration Act 2023. This course can also be delivered with a focus on the Homelessness sector.

Our comprehensive CPD accredited training for frontline staff

£120 per person

All our trainings require a minimum sign up of 12 people and are delivered by our team of Modern Slavery specialists.

Our courses are tailored to each organisation’s needs, if you require a bespoke topic or package please contact us at: [email protected]

Training for individuals

We offer online and in-person training sessions open to individuals from all sectors. By participating in our training, you will gain the skills and knowledge needed to support those at risk of exploitation with Hestia’s Modern Slavery training. See our upcoming training dates and sign up today via Eventbrite!

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