Brook House Inquiry 

Beginning in Autumn 2020, Hestia will provide emotional support to vulnerable witnesses of the Brook House Inquiry.

Our specialist counsellors will work with witnesses in a range of languages to ensure they have the confidence to give evidence to the best of their ability. This will include:

  • Enabling witnesses to manage their feelings, and participate without further traumatising themselves or other attendees.
  • Supporting witnesses to develop strategies for self-care during their attendance at the hearing and supporting them to maintain their dignity throughout
  • Facilitating access to confidential, reflective spaces where witnesses can safely air their feelings and thoughts about the proceedings in order to maintain their resilience to continue to engage in the process.
  • Helping to maintain an atmosphere of calm and understanding to manage intense emotion amidst potentially strong expressions of anger and protest.

Hestia Brook House Inquiry Support free phone: 0808 164 0008

Email: [email protected]