Following the murder of Sarah Everard in 2020 by an off-duty Metropolitan Police Officer, the Angiolini Inquiry was launched. The public inquiry aims to collect evidence and establish how a serving police officer could commit such a crime. The inquiry has since been extended to incorporate the David Carrick case, and to investigate police culture and the and to address the broader concerns surrounding women’s safety in public spaces that were highlighted by Sarah Everard’s death.

Hestia has been providing therapeutic support for the Inquiry since 2022. Our aim is to help ensure that witnesses giving evidence to the Inquiry and other stakeholders are offered trauma-informed support as they engage with the Inquiry. 

Our support includes providing opportunities to:

  • Discuss any concerns and feelings related to the Inquiry in a safe and confidential manner.
  • Share a range of effective techniques and skills for managing difficult emotions and memories.
  • Jointly develop personal strategies to help you maintain your wellbeing as you engage with the Inquiry.

Get updates on the inquiry:

The Angiolini Inquiry Website