This week only, all of your donations are automatically doubled with our Big Give campaign!

From midday Monday 10 June 2019 to midday Tuesday 18 June 2019, all of your kind donations are automatically doubled. That means double the impact in supporting child survivors of domestic abuse and modern slavery to recover.

Double my donation!

We've seen that for many of the children in our refuges and Modern Slavery Response service, going back to school in September is very troubling. 

"At the beginning of the summer I was scared of going back to school in September because all of the other children would be talking about the fun things they did and holidays they went on. I was embarrassed that I wouldn't have anything to talk about." - Luke*, aged 9, a child survivor of domestic abuse

These children have already had so much of their childhood stolen from them, worrying about their mum and living in turmoil.

Hestia's Summer Play Scheme changes this. With 100% of the funding coming from last year's Big Give week, almost 200 children took part in our Summer Play Scheme, attending fabulous days out to Kew Gardens, Kidzania and the beach, as well as learning how to bake and play musical instruments.

This year, the Summer Play Scheme has grown and we want to do the same for almost 700 children. We want to ensure that they are able to spend time doing things that all children should do, while making new friends, rebuilding the bond with their mum and overcoming the trauma they have endured.

Your donations enable us to run our Summer Play Scheme, giving these families a safe and supported space to feel happy again.

Double my donation!

Far too often children are the hidden victims of domestic abuse, experiencing and enduring extreme trauma, not just witnessing it.

Our recent research has found that childhood exposure to domestic abuse has a significant, long term impact on mental health, with 59% of millennials experiencing anxiety, depression or PTSD after childhood exposure.

It's not just mental health that suffers either. For children like Charlotte, the cycle of abuse means that she is far more likely to experience domestic abuse in future relationships than children who have not been exposed to abuse. Almost half of millennials who have been exposed to domestic abuse in childhood have also experienced exclusion from school or low academic performance.

If we are to prevent the cycle of abuse and ensure children like Charlotte are able to fully recover, we need to ensure access to specialist support is available for all children who need it.

Hestia's Summer Play Scheme works to ensure that children across our refuges and in our Modern Slavery Response Service receive specialist support to recover from the trauma they have faced and enjoy fun activities over the Summer Holidays, enabling them to rebuild their bond with mum and other children. 

For seven days only (10 June - 17 June), all of your donations are automatically doubled via The Big Give, and will help us to ensure that no child has their future compromised as a result of domestic abuse or modern slavery.

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Double my donation!

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