Hestia can provide a specialist service for employees, staffed by dedicated Independent Domestic Violence Advocates (IDVA) and Independent Sexual Violence Advocates (ISVA).

  • Independent Domestic Violence Advocates will address the safety of victims at all levels of risk and support all employees who are or have experienced domestic abuse currently or in the past. 

  • Independent Sexual Violence Advisors will provide specialist tailored support to victims and survivors of sexual violence and abuse, including those who have experienced sexual violence and abuse. This service can support people’s current or previous experiences.

Phased approach: When setting up this service, we recommend that all new clients start with a pilot phase over three to six months. As well as a trained IDVA or ISVA working part time, this allows the Everyone's Business team to work in consultation with the organisation to establish a framework of bespoke support including developing procedures and protocols, clearly defining referral routes, and hosting internal promotional and learning events.

"The IDVA service has helped me immensely, especially at the beginning when I did not know where to turn or what to do... When I saw the notice for your service it offered me the opportunity to gain confidential advice, a sound board to bring sense to my thoughts. The support and advice was invaluable in giving me the courage to do the right thing. Although things seemed to get worse before they got better I do feel I am now in a better place and things are improving for both my son and myself. I will always appreciate the support."  Survivor of domestic abuse

Want to explore whether an IDVA or ISVA is right for your organisation? Please get in touch with us to find out more on [email protected]