Uber, who are a partner of our UK SAYS NO MORE campaign, recently volunteered their time to help refurbish the garden at one of our domestic abuse refuges in London.

It was really positive to see individuals from such a large organisation selflessly offering to help turn our garden from a concrete jungle to botanical bliss!

The team were truly lovely, with a real, genuine interest in supporting our cause and making the surroundings more beautiful for those staying our refuge.

Their empathy and enthusiasm radiated through all they did that day, and it really showed in the end result.

The weeds were all pulled up (good riddance!) and replaced with a selection of stunning flowers. Having a gorgeous outer surrounding can be therapeutic for those staying in our domestic abuse refuges, who often have endured terrible trauma.

The Uber team also helped to paint two benches, clear any rubbish, install a tap to help with plant watering and all in all added a sprinkling of magic across the garden.

Not long after the Uber team had finished, we held our staff training in the garden (and lapped up what is left of the summer sun!) and it was smiles all round.

A staff and service user BBQ followed, with everyone commenting on what a splendid job the team had done. The children were loving it, and are playing in the garden much more now.

I really do thank Uber for all of their hard work!

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