Seven ways cycling can benefit your well-being 

On #CycleToWorkDay 2018, we want to share seven ways cycling can benefit your well-being.

  1. Have a healthy heart! Cycling is easier on the joints compared to running and other higher impact exercises. Engaging in regular exercise every week will help maintain a healthy heart and keep your body in shape!

  2. Stress management: Cycling can be a good opportunity to get some fresh air on the weekend and relieve stress from your 9-5 routine. When exercising, your body releases endorphins which increases positivity and reduces tension. Research has shown physical activity can be used to help overcome depression and anxiety.

  3. Build your social circle: Many towns may have cycling clubs you can join. With their knowledge and experience, they may help you become a better cyclist. It’s a great way to meet new people within your community.

  4. Contribute to the environment: Cycling can be a great option for your daily commute. It will save you money on public transport and avoid waiting in traffic queues. As a result, you will also arrive into work feeling energised and motivated to achieve the best results.

  5. It’s fun! Going out for a cycle with friends or by yourself can be incredibly fun especially when you feel the wind in you hair! Bike rides will get you out the house and allow you to see parts of your local community that you never knew existed whilst getting some fresh air.

  6. Anyone can join in: No matter what your fitness levels are, anyone can have a leisurely cycle. The same can be said in relation to age and even those who have a disability. Nowadays, specialist equipment is available to those who may require it.

  7. Charity cycles: Raising money for charity organisations is a great way to engage communities to work together and raise awareness about issues that matter to you.

Hestia cycle challenge

In November 2017, Patrick Ryan, CEO here at Hestia cycled across Vietnam to raise money for children living in our domestic abuse refuges.

30,000 children across the UK are made homeless each year due to domestic abuse.

Each year, Hestia provides a safe home for more than 600 children who would otherwise face homelessness or would be forced to remain in an abusive and dangerous situation.

Find out more about our domestic abuse service here.

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