Toolkit Launched To Encourage Conversations On Healthy Relationships

The ‘Healthy Relationship Toolkit’ aims to encourage conversation around all types of relationships

A new toolkit has been launched with the aim of encouraging all individuals, regardless of age, gender or background, to start a conversation around healthy relationships.

The Healthy Relationship Toolkit was launched yesterday, 19th September, at a community event hosted at The Grove Centre in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea, with Hestia service users and staff coming together to talk openly about what a relationship should entail in order to be considered healthy.

The 22-page toolkit was spawned through The Grove Centre's relationship group, in which service users supported by Hestia's Integrated Mental Health Service meet regularly to discuss managing relationships.

Download the toolkit here

Earlier this year the group were joined by Lyndsey Dearlove, Head of national domestic abuse and sexual violence prevention campaign UK SAYS NO MORE, who was keen to turn the discussions of the group into a guide for all to use.

Lyndsey Dearlove (Right) at the launch of the Healthy Relationship Toolkit

Lyndsey Dearlove (right), at the launch of the Healthy Relationship Toolkit

From here, the group's conversations were brought to life.

Whilst UK SAYS NO MORE is a campaign focusing primarily on the eradication of domestic abuse and sexual violence, the toolkit produced also incorporates other types and areas of relationships, including friendships, handling conflict and engaging with intimate or sexual partners.

Speaking of the initial meeting with the group, Lyndsey Dearlove, Head of UK SAYS NO MORE, said:

“After meeting the group to speak about domestic abuse and sexual violence, I could see all the messages that we try and communicate through the campaign being rolled out in front of my eyes. They had the passion to discuss healthy relationships and deliver this toolkit, and from that passion, they have created something accessible for all. It’s empowering.”

Whilst the creators of the toolkit are explicit in it being available and suitable for all, several members of The Grove Centre relationship group are older people.

Lyndsey continued:

"I spoke with one older man in the group, and he said that up until now, he hadn't a clue about healthy relationships. After reading and understanding the toolkit, he could see how this lack of knowing had impacted him throughout his life. He wants everyone to see the toolkit, and wants everyone to be having these important conversations."

The UK SAYS NO MORE Healthy Relationship Toolkit is designed for everyone and anyone

As well as featuring a reading and explanation of the toolkit from service users involved in its creation, the launch event existed as a celebration of the relationship group and all other groups that have been set up within The Grove Centre, including the choir collective, who sang a tailored Bob Marley compilation to a delighted crowd.

The Grove Centre choir came together to sing a Bob Marley medley

Hestia’s RBKC Integrated Mental Health Service includes both a day centre and community support for adults within the borough who are facing challenges with their mental health. Alongside our mental health support, Hestia also offers support in Kensington and Chelsea for those who are victims of domestic abuse, those who have experienced modern slavery and vulnerable younger people with complex needs.

Learn more about UK SAYS NO MORE here

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