For many, art, creativity and expression is used as a means of mindfulness, of managing mental health or overcoming a traumatic experience.

It can be a challenge to have a space in which you feel confident or comfortable in expressing yourself artistically, or where you are able to share your work and bounce ideas off of others.

We’re hoping to change that. From Friday 1 February, we’re running creativity and wellbeing sessions in Brent every Friday for 8 weeks.

Two types of session will be available – art sessions and writing sessions.

Art sessions will allow participants to learn about basic art materials and mediums and help to boost their confidence in expressing their creativity freely.

Writing sessions will explore fun ways to write, improve writing ability and gain a deeper sense of self.

Not an expert? No worries at all. The sessions are open to all abilities. It’s not about who’s got the best spelling or can paint the best, it’s all about expression and creativity.

Where: Kingsgate Community Centre, 107 Kingsgate Road, London, NW6 2JH.

When: Every Friday from 1 February. Art sessions will take place from 1.15pm to 2.45 pm. Writing sessions will take place from 3pm to 4pm.

Who: Drop an email to Joy at [email protected], or give her a call on 07796714586 to book your place.

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