Wednesday 10th October 2018 marks #WorldMentalHealthDay, an opportunity to remember that in 1 in 4 adults will experience poor mental health each year. If you're struggling, or know someone who is and you're looking for further information, these books might just give you a helping hand:

1. First, We Make the Beast Beautiful: A New Journey Through Anxiety, Sarah Wilson

Drawing from personal experience with chronic anxiety, Sarah Wilson’s memoir and guidebook gives readers a new outlook on life with anxiety. Wilson shows readers how she has now embraced her anxiety and associating it as a source of strength and power in the obstacles that come her way. Get here.

2. Living Life to the Full: Key life skills to change your life- Christopher Williams

Dr. Christopher Williams has created a series of chapters with associated online modules and worksheets to help readers improve low mood and anxiety, helping to build a personal toolkit for one’s mental health. Get here.

3. The Sun and her Flowers- Rupi Kaur

Rupi Kaur’s latest collection of poetry explores depression, love, and mental health with rhythm and beauty. Get here.

4. We're All Mad Here: The No-Nonsense Guide to Living with Social Anxiety- Claire Eastham

 In this humorous, personal guide, Claire Eastham writes a complete key to living with anxiety. Whether at university, work, or within the social media realm of survival, Eastham describes how and why social anxieties can occur, and how to lessen the effects. Get here.

5. What a Time to be Alone: The Slumflower's guide to why you are already enough- Chidera Eggerue

Chidera Eggerue, the “Slumflower”, teaches readers how to navigate our current social world, the steps to take the realize your own self worth, and how to take time to heal and empower yourself- important steps in improving one’s mental health. Get here.

6. Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression — and the Unexpected Solutions- Johann Hari

In this discussion of the underlying causes of mental illness, Johann Hari focuses on how societal cultural norms and expectations are part of the key factors when it comes to depression and anxiety. Giving readers an inside look at his own personal experiences with mental illness and interviews with health professionals, Hari justifies a new set of solutions to work with our everyday lifestyles in order to improve mental health. Get here.

 7. My Age of Anxiety: Fear, Hope, Dread, and the Search for Peace of Mind- Scott Stossel

 Scott Stossel, editor of The Atlantic magazine, takes readers on a his own personal journey of living with anxiety. Through the re-telling of past experiences, Stossel seeks to understand what exactly anxiety is and how to live with it. Stossel reminds readers, “To confront and understand anxiety is to confront and understand the human condition.” Get here.

8. The Recovery Letters- James Withey and Olivia Sagan (editors)

 “Dear you”, these letters written by individuals recovering from depression will provide hope and support for anyone confronting their own mental health problems, giving their own testimonials and showing readers that recovery and improvement of one’s mental health is possible. Get here.

9. Defying the Verdict: My Bipolar Life-  Charita Cole Brown

 Charita Cole Brown tells her own story of receiving her diagnosis for bipolar disorder, and how that has not stopped her from living her fullest life. Get here.

 10. Notes on a Nervous Planet- Matt Haig

 After years of experiencing anxiety and panic attacks, Matt Haig begins to explore the link between what he feels, and the world around him, asking questions such as “How do we stay sane on a planet that makes us mad?” Get here.

Sources: Reading-Well, Bustle: 10 Books on Mental Illness to Read in 2018.

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