Run over five properties, these refuges offer safe accommodation for both single women and women with children at risk from domestic abuse.

Staff members work individually with each woman to develop a support plan which assesses both needs and risks and enables her to make independent choices. Greater independence is also promoted for all users through practical assistance, emotional support and employment and skills training. The service aims for all of those living in the accommodation to live, and enjoy living closely in the community.

Alongside the support plan, staff work with multiple agencies to keep the service user safe (such as the police or local authorities), alongside supporting them to access community facilities such as counselling, legal and financial advice and drug treatment services if needed. Staff members include a Children & Family Worker who can assist women to access nursery and school places for children and work with the whole family to help them recover and move forward from the trauma of Domestic Abuse.

Contact us:

Domestic Abuse Refuge Accommodation 

PO Box 57479


E5 5BU

Refuge spaces:

Maya House (confidential address)

Rosa House (confidential address) Contact us on Tel 020 3879 3643

Leyla House (Confidential address) Contact us on Tel 020 8525 9525

Zohra House (Confidential address) Contact us on Tel 020 8985 3405

Saoirse House (Confidential address) Contact us on Tel 020 8880 8711 or Tel: 020 8880 5465