We're giving you a reason to dust off your running shoes and step in to gear this New Year and see the benefits of running in winter for charity.

As part of NO MORE week (March 7th-13th) we're challenging our supporters to sign up to our virtual 5km or 10km run and fundraise to help keep our emergency domestic abuse refuges open. All proceeds to help women and children in our domestic abuse refuges to live free from abuse.

If you need a sprinkle of motivation or just looking for an extra push to stay on top of your fitness goals for this year, look no further! We've pulled together a list of benefits to running along with a heartwarming charitable cause. 

The No-Brainer health benefits! 

It's easy to know just how running CAN improve and boost your health but how? Research shows how being a serial-runner may help prevent you from developing types of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and not to mention obesity and some types of cancer.  

It gives you power over your mental & emotional health 

A good 10-15 minute daily jog or run can do wonders for your mental and emotional health. More importantly, it is essential during these uncertain times to continue to look after not just your physical health by staying safe but also your mental health too. 

Running helps you to release endorphins hormones giving you that "natural high" which is a brilliant way if you have any lockdown tension to blow of steam, feel happy and relaxed 

Add years to your life 

Studies show that running can add years to your life and help you live a longer fuller life! Runners are suggested to outperform when it comes to the big race of life compared to non-runners who don't participate in exercise and stay active regularly    

Get your dose of Vitamin D 

Although sunny skies and warm weather seem like a distant memory of summers past, you still can get the all important vitamin D spending time outdoors sun, sleet, or snow. 

As much of our time is being spent at home a run outside enables us to produce vitamin D which is a bonus for your mood as a nutrient that reduces depressive symptoms – and keeps your bones, teeth, and muscles healthy as an added plus! 

Build your self-confidence 

Starting something no matter what is always the hardest part but you don't need much to make your running-debut! All you need is a good pair of jogging shoes, and you'll be on your way to improving your lifestyle and upping your confidence! Set goals for yourself and rank up those miles. Create a sense of accomplishment and work your self-esteem. 

Sign up to our 5km or 10km run today here