Better Lives Forum attend 2nd meeting on Hestia's new digital support project

Read about the first meeting here.

On the 10th September, the BLF met for the second digital mental health project meeting.

Six BLF members attended and they discussed the positives and negatives of remote-based support, and some ideas for how to overcome the issues.  

The BLF said that zoom meetings continuing through Covid-19 have been beneficial, with lots of good interactions. Members felt it was good to keep in touch and involved with Hestia activities. Members spoke about feeling of lacking motivation and loneliness, so online activities have given opportunity for structure in life.  

They also talked about the challenges. Members discussed some ideas of how to overcome the potential issues: 

  • Getting dressed and ready even if you’re just going to be online makes you feel more OK with being seen. Pamper yourself. Find motivations for daily tasks.

  • Idea for a group chat which people can dip in and out of if they don’t have a lot going on at the moment.

  • More activities. Yoga is good but different things are good too. Zumba classes and cookery for example. There is a service where people cook together remotely which is good fun.

  • It’s important to prepare someone for contacting them in different ways/online activities. Get in touch early, show them what the system will be like so when you do join you know what to expect.

  • Agree ground rules at the beginning of a session e.g. no screenshots, take turns to talk, talk about confidentiality/if information will be shared, be self-disciplined, be responsible about things posted in chat.

  • Private chat function/breakout rooms could be used as a way to have a quiet word with someone if you need to.
  • Face to face meet ups and support bubbles also helpful, within the guidelines.

At the next session the group will:

  • Agree on some ground rules for virtual support

  • Discuss options for blind people and others who might have accessibility needs 

  • Discuss how volunteers and BLF members can work directly with the services