10 reasons Hestia's service users should join the Better Lives Forum

Here are ten reasons to join Hestia's Better Lives Forum, as thought of by Better Lives Forum members!

1. It is a chance to meet and socalise with new people.

2. It is volunteering experience for your CV.

3. We provide learning and development with online training.

4. You can get references for your CV.

5. It is good for confidence building and introduces you to new challenges.

6. You have a voice and make a difference to the support services with Hestia, at a strategic level. The BLF meet with Hestia's directors six times a year.

7. For every five hours contributed, you are awarded a £10 gift voucher.

8. You can also claim up to £5 lunch reimbursement for each day you attend a BLF meeting.

9. We send out Christmas thank you gifts and have thank you lunches and events.

10. It is fun!