To mark Anti-Slavery day, Hestia is pleased to curate #ArtIsFreedom, a week-long exhibition featuring creative pieces of visual art by victims of modern slavery. The exhibition is open to the public at Anise Gallery from the 16th - 20th October 2018. #ArtIsFreedom allows men and women who have been supported by our Modern Slavery Response to express their journey through the medium of art.


Exclusive talks 

What next for the Modern Slavery Act? In Conversation with Kevin Hyland OBE'

In July 2018 the Home Office announced plans to launch an independent review of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 to ensure the world-first legislation keeps in step with this crime.

The Modern Slavery Act, which is the first of its kind in the world, has helped to transform the UK’s response to modern slavery on a national and international scale by providing police and law enforcement agencies with the powers they need to bring perpetrators to justice and enhancing the protection given to victims. It has led to a significant uplift in law enforcement activity against the criminals behind this vile crime, with more than 600 live investigations currently taking place.

However, recent reports indicate the nature of the crime is evolving. Each instance of the crime is estimated to cost around £330,000, including the cost of support, lost earnings and law enforcement but most significantly the physical and emotional harms suffered by individuals, who are often exploited over months and sometimes years.

Join us for an exclusive lunchtime talk by Kevin Hyland OBE as he discusses the next steps for the Modern Slavery Act. The event will be chaired by award winning journalist Louise Hulland. 

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'The Fight on Our Streets; In Conversation with Vernon Coaker MP and Phil Brewer DCI'

Modern slavery exists all around us in plain sight.  Official figures state there are between 10,000 - 13,000 slaves currently in the UK but those leading the fight believe there are considerably more. In London, we revealed in our first Underground Lives report the number of victims increased by 30% in 2016-2017 yet this year we believe the figure will be almost double.

Join us for an exclusive lunch time talk by Vernon Coaker MP and Phil Brewer DCI as they discuss what the public can do to stop slavery and help keep London safe for victims. The event will be chaired by senior reporter at The Guardian Lexy Topping. 

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Tickets are £5 and all proceeds will go to supporting victims of modern slavery

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