Hestia is the leading provider of modern slavery support in London.

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In support of Anti-Slavery Day 2018, we hosted #ArtIsFreedom, the inaugural, week-long exhibition featuring artwork created by men and women currently supported by Hestia.

#ArtIsFreedom 2019

This year, #ArtIsFreedom returns with a photography exhibition hosted at London Bridge station.

The exhibition enables survivors of modern slavery to share their story and express their recovery journey through the medium of photography.

Featuring pieces captured through four photography workshops, the exhibition tells the story of life in London through the lens of those who have experienced unimaginable trauma, yet still often remain hidden in plain sight.

Join us at London Bridge station, from 6am to 11pm on Anti-Slavery Day, Friday 18th October, to see their stories told and realities brought to life.

The exhibition will also work to highlight existing myths about modern slavery, pointing focus towards the prevalence of both men and British nationals as victims.

#ArtIsFreedom 2019 art exhibition

By knowing the signs, and knowing what to do when you suspect someone is a victim, you can help end modern slavery.

Follow us on Twitter, @Hestia1970, and join the conversation using the hashtag #ArtIsFreedom.

Hestia's Modern Slavery Response

Hestia's Modern Slavery Response service began in 2011, and since then, we have supported more than 3,300 victims to recover from the trauma they have faced. We provide 6 safe houses in London and Kent, in addition to pan-London outreach support in every London borough.

Last year alone, we supported more than 1,100 adults and 500 dependent children.

We also offer longer term support via our volunteer-led Phoenix Project, where members of the community can volunteer their time and skills to support victims of modern slavery into an independent life within their communities.

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