Art Is Freedom

Art Is Freedom is Hestia's annual photography and art exhibition, featuring work captured and created by survivors of modern slavery, and marking Anti-Slavery Day on 18th October.

The exhibition enables survivors of modern slavery to creatively tell their story and express their recovery journey with the aim of highlighting the prevalence of modern slavery in the UK today.

In 2020, Art Is Freedom will return for a third year running. This year, due to Covid-19 restrictions, the exhibition will take place live on Instagram @Hestia_Charity.

Art Is Freedom HestiaArt Is Freedom Hestia


Art Is Freedom 2020

This year, the Art Is Freedom exhibition will run from Monday 12th October to Anti-Slavery Day, Sunday 18th October on Instagram @Hestia_Charity.

Photography captured and shared will highlight what life is like in London for survivors of modern slavery during a time of national and international uncertainty. Photographers will share the inspiration behind the photos, and key figures in the modern slavery sector will share their commentary.

We'll also be joined live by leading individuals in the sector to discuss the reality of modern slavery in London right now, hosted by journalist, author and modern slavery activist Louise Hulland.

  • Wednesday 14th October, 9:30-10am: In conversation with Dame Sara Thornton, UK's Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner

  • Thursday 15th October, 9:30-10am: In conversation with Patrick Ryan, CEO at Hestia

  • Thursday 15th October, 11:30am-12pm: In conversation with Tuhina Bhattacharyya, Service Manager for Hestia's Modern Slavery Response service

  • Friday 16th October, 11:30am-12pm: In conversation with The Right Reverend Sarah Mullally, The Bishop of London

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Hestia's Modern Slavery Response

Hestia's Modern Slavery Response service began in 2011, and since then, we have supported more than 3,300 victims to recover from the trauma they have faced. We provide 6 safe houses in London and Kent, in addition to pan-London outreach support in every London borough.

Last year alone, we supported more than 1,300 adults and 500 dependent children.

We also offer longer term support via our volunteer-led Phoenix Project, where members of the community can volunteer their time and skills to support victims of modern slavery into an independent life within their communities.