Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Crime, Safeguarding and Vulnerability and Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Minister for Women) Victoria Atkins MP today (5 February 2019) opened a new Hestia safe house for women and children being supported by our Modern Slavery Response team.

Joined by UK Foreign Office Minister Lord Ahmed, Victoria Atkins MP planted a tree to commemorate the opening of our new safe house, a place of of safety and security for women and children who have endured the horrific reality of modern slavery.

Victoria Atkins MP spoke candidly at the opening, reiterating the Government's commitment to ending modern slavery and offering thanks to Hestia's Modern Slavery Response team for their tremendous work in supporting men, women and children affected.

The tree was marked with Desmond Tutu's renowned quote, "Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness."

A plaque was placed inside the house in Victoria Atkins MP's name, a first for the Safeguarding Minister.

Patrick Ryan, CEO of Hestia, said:

"Our safe houses provide a place for those brutalised by the trauma of modern slavery to rebuild their lives. We are grateful for the support and commitment of Safeguarding Minister Victoria Atkins MP for this vital work which enables survivors to recover and face the future with hope."

The safe house is made of self-contained flats, meaning each family has access to a private kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

Hestia's Modern Slavery Response service started in 2011, providing safe houses in London and Kent as well as pan-London outreach support in every London borough to those affected.

Our Phoenix Project empowers members of the public to come together and volunteer their time to support victims of modern slavery in their local community. Through your support and skills, you could change the life of someone affected by this brutal crime.

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