This week the Tooting's Age Activity Centre is celebrating the 10th year since Hestia partnered with the service. The event celebrated the creativity of the AAC’s members and gave thanks to the many volunteers who give their time, energy and enthusiasm in supporting staff and members alike to make the AAC the vibrant, creative, warm and welcoming Centre that it is today.

Hestia has partnered with the Age Activity Centre for 10 years and is a partnership we are truly proud of. The AAC  embodies Hestia’s core values while extending warmth and welcoming arms to everyone who arrives at its door. This warmth is seen through everyone in the service: its members, the staff here and the amazing team of volunteers.

Today I’m proud to be here to celebrate these past 10 years and everyone who has made them possible. We are immensely proud of our volunteers at Hestia and today we are thanking those who give their time and energy to the AAC - some of whom have been here the entire 10 years or longer!”

– Patrick Ryan, CEO of Hestia

The Age Activity Centre is a place for people aged 60 and over to get together to learn new skills and get active. As we write, the UK is celebrating mental health awareness week. The AAC is a lifeline for many of its members and not only helps tackle isolation but allows members to get active which has an incredible impact on not only their physical wellbeing but their mental health as well. 

This is like a family. If I didn’t come here, I’d be so bored! At home is just a tv but here is music, the choir, dance classes and friends” 

- Lucy, AAC member

About the Age Activity Centre

The Age Activity Centre (AAC) is a day service for older people aged 60 years or over and who reside in the borough of Wandsworth.

The service provides a number of activities designed to increase wellbeing and reduce isolation within the older community. The service is open on weekdays except Thursday and provides a wide range of activities as well as a lunch club, advice, information and signposting, support and information for carers, and a drop-in service at the South of the borough.

If you are interested in becoming a member, call the team on 020 8767 8426 to arrange a visit. We’re just a 5 minute walk from Tooting Broadway station.