23 November 2023

In response to the Autumn Statement delivered by Chancellor Jeremy Hunt last week, Patrick Ryan, Chief Executive at Hestia commented:

Domestic abuse

“We welcome the additional funding for domestic abuse, and the recognition of the positive role employers can play in recovery through the introduction of a new Tackling the Economic Impacts of Domestic Abuse Fund.

“The additional £2m flexible fund will be a lifesaver for many – enabling more people experiencing domestic abuse to access urgent financial support to cover essentials, which might make the difference between being able to escape or remaining trapped with a perpetrator.

“However, for too long support for survivors of domestic abuse has been a Cinderella service, and we need to see more sustainable funding for vital services that ultimately save lives and equip survivors to move on. We also need to focus on prevention and early intervention, so that these crimes do not continue to increase into the future.”


Mental health

“We are pleased to see access to NHS Talking Therapies in England being expanded to reach an additional 384,000 people over the next 5 years – however we know that NHS services are incredibly stretched, and this is likely to represent the tip of the iceberg.

“Investing in services that reduce the burden on the NHS, such as our mental health crisis ‘drop-in’ services which are accessible during evenings and weekends, will save the public purse in the long-term.

“The expansion of the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) scheme is welcome news, providing nurturing and flexible support to over 100,000 individuals with severe mental illness. Designed to align with personal motivation, the scheme can assist and support at all stages of rehabilitation alongside health professionals and aid in securing fulfilling, sustainable employment. Delivered appropriately, this can ensure the provision is a tool for empowerment and recovery, rather than a source of stress or penalisation or a means to limit fair access to benefits.”