15 November 2023

Responding to the Supreme Court’s rejection of the Government’s plans to deport people seeking asylum to Rwanda, Patrick Ryan, Chief Executive of Hestia said: 

“We welcome the Supreme Court’s ruling today, which means that future victims of modern slavery who have been coerced or deceived into entering the UK irregularly, will be protected from deportation to Rwanda. 

“Whilst we are pleased about this decision, we remain concerned about the future for victims of modern slavery and human trafficking who arrive in this country irregularly, and who will still be subject to detention conditions. 

“We must break the cycle of modern slavery by being tougher on the criminals behind this brutal crime, but we know victims need to feel both physically and psychologically safe to engage with police investigations and make steps towards recovery. 

“We invite the government to reconsider detention for all victims of trafficking and modern slavery, and instead give them the opportunity to become their greatest ally in breaking the cycle of modern slavery.”