Hestia celebrates Carers’ Week 2020

Written by Eleanor Hoppe

Monday 8th June marks the beginning of Carers’ Week, a national awareness week in support of those that provide care to others within the community. It’s a time to recognise the contribution carers make to improve the lives of those they care for and to help them access support that is available to them.

Carers provide care through looking after members of their family or friends that are suffering from an illness, disability, challenges with their mental health or are considered elderly. It is estimated that there are over 6.5 million carers in the UK who provide essential support to those that need it, often without any recognition.

Carers are parents, children, neighbours and friends who often don’t recognise their act of giving and the huge difference they make to the lives of those they care for.

Carers' responsibilities range from providing care for a few hours a week to round the clock care. It could be for someone in their own home or mean travelling to another household. The practical help they provide can include preparing meals, cleaning and doing laundry, buying the shopping and helping with finances, benefits, housing paperwork and phone calls.

Beyond practicality, they maintain essential relationships to those they care for, support the health and wellbeing of others as well as helping with medicating and personal hygiene needs.

The coronavirus pandemic and lockdown restrictions have put a strain on mental health and many are suffering from feelings of anxiety and depression due to isolation and loneliness. It has also meant that more people than ever are taking on the responsibility of caring for others, whether it’s helping a parent, partner or neighbour.

Caring can be difficult and isolating at the best of times and according to the 2018 UK’s State of Caring Survey, 72% of carers experienced ill mental health. The combination of these figures and the recent increase in feelings of loneliness mean that action must be taken to protect the mental health of both the vulnerable and for the carers who look after them. 

Carers week is an opportunity to understand and appreciate the work carers do and provide them with the support they deserve. It’s possible that we will all, at some point, become carers, often to more than one person. It has a huge impact on multiple aspects of one’s life, finances, work, health and can lead to social exclusion themselves. 

Everyone has a part to play in making sure carers are seen this week and always.

We must ensure they are heard and understood and help them to get the support they need to be able to care for others. This could include an employer setting up an online carers network, a GP practice offering an annual health check or alternative appointment times to carers. Businesses could offer special deals or priority access to carers to soften the financial burden often incurred as a result of being a carer.

Hestia encourages carers to recognise the contribution they give and remind themselves that they too may need support. This can be found through virtual carer support groups, such as the one provided by Hestia for Hounslow Council. If you are a carer in Hounslow, you could get practical and emotional support through the services we provide. Our support groups are a platform where guest speakers from local agencies come to inform us of support that may be out there. So if you would like to meet some new people, possibly share some of your experience of being a carer and find some useful knowledge, join us.

There is a wealth of information for carers on the council’s website including support for specific conditions. We encourage carers to make themselves visible telling their GP they’re a carer, and ensure they prioritise their own health and well being as well as those of others.

Get in touch

If you'd like to join our support groups for carers in Hounslow, contact us:

This week Hestia encourages you to reach out to family, friends and neighbours who you know are caring for someone and let them know there is support for them too. Hestia is also encouraging anyone who is a carer in Hounslow to take part in our online Zoom sessions taking place this week to help invigorate and quell feelings of isolation and anxiety during this difficult time.

During the current pandemic Hestia is providing virtual carer support groups via Zoom.

Mindfulness Session:

08/06/20 11am-11.30am

This session will help you through some simple techniques to become more aware of your body and your environment and focus on something else other than your everyday worries and problems. Mindfulness is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 981 3251 8361
Password: 551109 

Body Relaxation Session: 

12/06/20 2pm-2.45pm

In this session, you will be guided through some easy body stretching and gentle movement exercises that will make you feel energised and a lot calmer at the end of the session. No previous experience is required.

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Meeting ID: 912 2157 8668

Password: 676580

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