1 February 2024

Hestia and Twining Enterprise have announced that they will join forces in order to increase capacity and enhance the support they provide for people with mental health needs in times of crisis. This partnership builds on the two organisations’ shared approach of empowering service users to lead their own recovery process.

Hestia has over 50 years’ experience in supporting people to recover and build a life beyond crisis. The organisation supports over 19,000 adults and children across London and the Southeast, including survivors of modern slavery and domestic abuse, and people with mental health difficulties.

Twining Enterprise has almost 30 years’ experience working with people with mental health challenges to empower them to find and stay in fulfilling work.

The integration of the two organisations is expected to take around 12 months, with a full merger planned for early 2025. 

Patrick Ryan, Chief Executive at Hestia said, 

“Hestia's mission has always been to support vulnerable adults and children to realise their aspirations and fulfil their potential. Joining forces with Twining Enterprise will eventually expand our clients’ access to a fully unified service spanning recovery, crisis support, training, and sustainable employment services, which will provide our beneficiaries with unparalleled support to successfully live their lives beyond crisis.”

Oli Jacobs, Chief Executive at Twining Enterprise, said, 

“For almost 30 years, Twining Enterprise has been driven by an unwavering purpose - to improve wellbeing by empowering people with mental health challenges find and stay in fulfilling work.  Our decision to integrate with Hestia felt instinctive due to our shared values and vision for the future of our clients and staff. This integration will empower us to reach new heights together and support more people with complex needs in times of crisis through an expanded range of support services.”