All donations doubled this week only! 

Help give traumatised children the summer of fun and recovery they deserve

Until 6pm Friday 3rd July, all donations to Hestia through the Big Give’s Champions for Children campaign are automatically doubled. 

All donations will help to facilitate our Summer Wellbeing Programme to support children in our domestic abuse and modern slavery services. 

Double my donation

Why we need your help 

Lockdown has been challenging for everyone, but for those living with profound trauma, coronavirus has heightened fears and prolonged recovery. 

Children have been isolated from friends, school and any sense of normality after escaping abusive households. Unable to run around and play, they have been isolated in their bedrooms for their safety. This could result in a long-term impact on their mental health and education.

Where will your doubled donation go? 

Your donation will help us launch our Summer Wellbeing Programme. We know these families will continue to need specialist support with their recovery through therapeutic support, along with other essential items over the summer holidays and activities and games.  

We want: 

  • To provide children who have experienced severe trauma access to specialist therapeutic support 
  • To allow children to be children with exciting games and activities for the summer holidays 
  • To give families basic essentials as they recover from trauma in lockdown 

Every donation made during Big Give will be doubled and go directly to the Summer Wellbeing Programme to help these families build a life beyond crisis.  

Double my donation

£20 becomes £40 and could provide a children’s art therapy session in a domestic abuse refuge

£30 becomes £60 and could buy a summer activity pack of games and craft equipment for a family living in a domestic abuse refuge

£50 becomes £100 and could provide a picnic for a whole refuge (6 mums and up to 15 children) to enjoy a day in the park, soak up the sunshine and begin to enjoy their local area after lockdown

£150 becomes £300 and could buy new garden toys and equipment helping families isolating in the refuge to keep active

£500 becomes £1,000 and could revamp the playroom in a domestic abuse refuge

Blerta’s story

Blerta* is a survivor of modern slavery and has two young children. She relies on emergency food parcels from Hestia and foodbanks to support her family.

Blerta and her family live in shared accommodation with other asylum seekers. This has been increasingly difficult as one of her daughter struggles with health issues meaning they have been unable to leave the house. The family are feeling really isolated and low as they need to stay in their room. Blerta will wait for the other residents to leave the kitchen before she deep cleans and then prepares food for her family so she is not having any social contact with anyone else.

When Blerta reflects on last summer she thinks about the amazing trip to the zoo she was able to go on with her daughters through Hestia’s summer programme, it was the highlight of their summer. Her children were able to return to school in September with a story of their summer to share with the class. The summer programme not only funded the trip to the zoo but also enabled each family to take a keepsake family photo of the day home with them which Blerta explained to her case worker it was the first family photo they had ever had and she was so thankful for Hestia arranging this trip.

Double my donation