On Monday 5th November 2018, 'Doing Money' premiered on BBC2. If you haven't had a chance to watch yet, we would strongly recommend doing so. Based on a true story, we see Ana* kidnapped in broad daylight on the streets of London and taken to Northern Ireland, where she is sexually exploited, raped, abused and threatened.

Last year, we supported 870 adults and 315 dependant children to recover from the unimaginable trauma of modern slavery. We hear stories like Ana's* every day. We hear of people who are raped by strangers a dozen times a day, of people who are forced to work 24 hours a day for little or no money, of those who are forced to survive off biscuits.

It's a hard to watch, but harder by far for those experiencing this atrocity day in, day out. We hope Doing Money wakes the public up to what is going on around them so close to home, and what they can do to stop it.

Hekate Papadaki, Head of Innovations and Partnerships for Modern Slavery, said:

Doing Money, shown last night on BBC2, offered the British public an insight into the horrific and brutal reality faced by people trapped by modern slavery. It made for difficult viewing, but to depict this crime in any other light would be to avoid its innate darkness, and the ruthless lengths at which those who perpetrate it are willing to go.

At times, it made you feel powerless - that Modern Slavery is taking place on our streets, in front of our eyes, and we’re so blind to it. But you’re not powerless. If Doing Money taught us anything, it’s that victims of Modern Slavery are seen and come into contact with so many people - at the airport, at the shops, on the bus - and each person has an opportunity to help.

Be vigilant, know the signs and know how to report your concerns. It could change someone’s life.

We watched the film as it aired. Take a look at some of our live responses from our Twitter page.

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