One Donation, Double The Impact

The Big Give #ChristmasChallenge2018 takes place from 12pm Tuesday 27th November - 12pm Tuesday 4th December. Your donations to Hestia will be doubled!

Double my donation!

What is the Big Give?

The Big Give is the UK’s largest online matching fund campaign. For seven days only, supporters of Hestia will have their donations doubled on the Big Give website!

Since the first Christmas Challenge in 2008, the Big Give has helped raise over £98 million for thousands of charities through match funding.

Our Goal:

With the donations accumulated through the Big Give, Hestia will continue to support mothers and children affected by modern slavery.

On Christmas Day this year, 330 children will wake up being supported by our Modern Slavery Response team. Many of these will have had their bond with their mother broken, as traffickers often keep them separate. With donations made, we'll be supporting the mums in our service to rebuild those bonds and nurture happy, healthy babies, as well as providing them with essential items such as nappies and baby formula.

What you can do:

Help us by donating during Big Give week here. Every little helps in supporting children affected by this dreadful crime to recover. If you are unable to donate, share the word on social media - we're on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Click here to support Hestia’s goal in rebuilding children’s lives after modern slavery. Your one donation will double the impact.

Double my donation!