At Hestia, we know many employees want to see their impact whilst also engaging in fun, team building activities. We have a dedicated volunteering team, and we invite our corporate partners to participate in a range of volunteering opportunities.

Last year, 284 corporate volunteers contributed 1,583 volunteer hours to support our services. 

Here are just some of the ideas that have worked brilliantly for our companies and organisations:

  • Greening our refuges and housing services with garden makeovers, renovations, clearing etc., creating recovery focussed environments through plants, art, restful designs etc.
  • Sprucing up and decorating our properties to ensure our homes feel welcoming, through painting days, clearing clutter, furniture construction.
  • Sharing of skills to small groups or individual clients - within our domestic abuse, modern slavery, mental health teams or age well services.
  • Pro bono professional and skills support including business, CV writing, tenancy management, money workshop, IT, English speaking or creative such as music, poetry, art, sport, yoga, baking etc.
  • Supporting trips or days out for our clients – from picnics, ice-skating, walks, parties – including our Big Day Out, a day of special, engaging activities.
  • Volunteering in our cafes, recovery centres or Age Activity Centres.