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On 15th May 2018, Hestia and The Vodafone Foundation launched Bright Sky, the UK's first unique mobile app to help people affected directly by domestic abuse, as well as friends, family members and colleagues who may be concerned about someone they know.

1 in 3 people in the UK would not know how to help a friend or family member who was a victim of domestic abuse. The findings highlight the need for Bright Sky, the first smartphone app to provide a UK-wide directory of specialist domestic abuse support services.

Bright Sky enables users to locate their nearest support centre by searching their area, postcode or current location. Other features include a MY JOURNAL tool to log incidents of abuse in text, visual and audio forms, questionnaires to assess the safety of a relationship as well as further information and resources around domestic abuse, sexual consent, harassment and stalking.

The Bright Sky app brings together the Vodafone Foundation’s expertise from its work with TecSOS – the technology it developed to help people at the highest risk of domestic violence – and our wealth of experience in supporting those affected by domestic abuse.

The official launch took place at London's Science Museum, providing an opportunity for Hestia and Bright Sky's partner organisations to take to the stage and discuss the importance of new technologies in tackling domestic abuse, with around 150 of our partners, practitioners and other individuals from within the sector in attendance.

Helen Lamprell, a trustee of the Vodafone Foundation Trustee and General Counsel and External Affairs Director at Vodafone UK, opened the event with a focus on The Vodafone Foundation and TecSOS' commitment to tackling abuse through connectivity and technology. 

Victoria Atkins MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Crime, Safeguarding and Vulnerability and Minister for Women, spoke at the event on behalf of the Home Office, speaking of the Domestic Abuse Bill: 

"...We must combine new laws and intervention projects with better practical support for victims. The new Bright Sky app is precisely the type of initiative which can help victims, families and their friends reach the help and support they need.”

Pamela Zaballa, Hestia's Associate Director of Innovation and Partnerships, shared with the audience the functionality of Bright Sky, putting into context it's vital importance - whilst 93% of our service users had smart phones, 63% of them did not know that refuges existed until they had to flee. Hence, Bright Sky was born - an in-hand tool to bridge the gap between experiencing domestic abuse and accessing the appropriate support.

Two survivors of domestic abuse bravely told their stories, emphasising the need for Bright Sky not only in accessing support, but in realising what behaviours constitute as abuse, and how the app could be used in teaching young people about healthy relationships.

Other speakers at the event included John Liversidge, TecSOS Manager, Guy Ferguson, CEO of Secured by Design - Police Crime Prevention Initatives and Mike McClaine, Aspirant President, West Yorkshire Police Detective Superintendent Darren Minton and Andrew Dunnett, Director of The Vodafone Foundation.

The evening was closed by Hestia's CEO Patrick Ryan, who spoke candidly about just how commonplace domestic abuse is, and how it affects each and every one of us either be it directly or indirectly.

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download bright sky iphone download bright sky android

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