This November, I'll be taking on the Brecon Beacons Ultra marathon.

And I'll be doing it to support the hundreds of thousands of children who have experienced domestic abuse in their own homes.

Over the years, I have taken part in many fundraising events. Going the extra mile for a great cause has not always been easy but it has always been totally worth it.

The 24 hour spinathons? Painful. The 60km Relay Run? Painful. The nude calendar? Painful for everyone who saw it.

This time, I'm doing the the Brecon Beacons Ultra marathon. There'll be more 'pain' involved than is in a French bakery.

I'll be going the extra 47 miles, in case you were wondering. Not flat, but up and down mountains in South Wales.

Adam is fundraising for Hestia

With your generous support, I'm fundraising for Hestia, a charity that provides 23 domestic abuse refuges across London for adults and children who have been victims of the trauma of domestic abuse and have had to flee their homes. There is a refuge in Hammersmith & Fulham, so it's a little close to home. The service provides tremendous care in extremely tough circumstances. 

Across the UK, almost one million children are affected by domestic abuse every year, either directly through their own experience or indirectly by witnessing violence. It has a significant impact on their welfare, and costs UK taxpayers up to £1.4 billion.

Hestia is dedicated to ensuring life beyond crisis for these children and their mums, through housing and emotional support, as well as by providing much needed, fun days out.

I have already been in training for a while now and with your backing I hope to get across the finish line on Saturday 16 November. If you see me in the gym on the Monday after, I will be the one walking funny.

If you can, please donate here.

Thank you,


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