Are you worried that a loved one may be experiencing domestic abuse? Answering these questions will give you a greater understanding of the relationship that they may be experiencing.

If you answer ‘Yes’ to one or more of the 12 questions below, your friend or family member could be experiencing domestic abuse.

  1. Does your friend constantly have to account for their whereabouts?

  2. Do you think they are being prevented from seeing their friends and family?
  3. Do you think your loved one is changing their appearance, personality or interests to make their partner happy?

  4. Has their partner ever accused them of having an affair?

  5. Have they cut communication with people in their social network, or seem to spend less time with friends?

  6. Do they take the blame for any issues in the relationship or their partner’s negative behaviour?

  7. Have you ever noticed a bruise or any type of physical harm on them?

  8. Have they ever mentioned that heir partner has sudden and unpredictable mood changes?

  9. Have you noticed that they have less control of their finances or have to ask their partner for money?

  10. Do they seem to have lost interest in their hobbies or favourite activities?

  11. Does their partner cause awkward or embarrassing situations that cause their partner to feel uncomfortable?

  12. Are they always excusing their partner for things they do or say that seem inappropriate?

There are other elements of domestic abuse that can often be hard to notice. To learn about other types and signs of abuse, click here.

If you’re worried about your loved one, there is support available.

The Bright Sky app features a ‘How Can I Help?’ section, National helplines, a ‘Find Help’ tool to locate your friend or family member’s closest support service and further domestic abuse resources.

This questionnaire is taken from the Bright Sky app, launched in partnership with the Vodafone Foundation.

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