Ashley's Story

I'm currently living in one of Hestia's registered care homes. Every so often, we have a house meeting where we discuss certain things.

In one of our meetings, we decided to invite the MP for Ealing Central and Acton Rupa Huq to one of house lunches. She accepted! When she was here for the afternoon, she suggested that we should go to the Houses of Parliament for a guided tour one day. We accepted! 

A few weeks later, we set off on our day trip. Rupa came along with us for the start of the trip, arriving just after us. We got to chat with her in the foyer before she showed us around parts of the Houses of Parliament for half an hour or so.

It was interesting as I had personally not been before but I've seen it on the TV. It was difficult that day, both because I had things on my mind that were hindering my attention, but also because I have a neck problem and a mobility issue. It was tiring and sometimes hard to concentrate, but we were able to sit down and have a drink in the cafe half way through. Rupa kept cracking jokes too which made it a little better!

When Rupa had to leave, she handed over a tour guide called Lilli. Even though I was tired, she was really good and knew her stuff regarding all things Parliament, and knew all about the kings, queens and sovereignty.

Lilli asked us a few questions too which was enjoyable. One of the questions she asked was "Who chairs the House of Commons?" - I knew that it used to be Betty Boothroyd, but now it's John Bercow. Lilli had loads of energy.

Overall, fro having lunch out in a restaurant to our Parliament visit with Rupa, it was an enjoyable day!

As well as trips like these, we do other things like go bowling, go to the cinema and go swimming which is always good. It's always great to be able to get out and about.

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