Dom's* Story

During my first year of living at Hestia’s supported accommodation, I didn’t leave the building without help from Hestia staff. I relied solely on the staff to help me with day-to-day things like shopping and couldn’t participate in any activities, outings or even get on the bus because my anxiety was so high and I was having panic attacks.

The Hestia team have encouraged me to be active to aid my recovery. With their support, I’ve started attending activities like tennis and bowling at the Good Energy Club. I’m also now participating in other workshops like cooking, art classes, and the volunteer-led walking group.

I can now go out with other service users, go to the café for a hot drink even when there are people there. I feel like I have really come a long way.

I’ve been focusing a lot on my strengths and attempting to do activities that I used to do and love. It’s given me the confidence to start going out more frequently and more independently.

I definitely feel more comfortable in crowded places, and have even gone to a few barbecues and parties.

Hestia staff have helped me to manage my anxiety and panic attacks better and have helped me to go out and meet new people. Now, I feel I can do anything I put my mind to.

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