Daniella's* Story

*Names changed to protect identities

Daniella* is in her early 40’s and has been self-isolating with her children for 14 days.

Coronavirus: urgent crisis appeal

"Not going out for walks is something we really struggle with as a family. It’s been 14 days now since we went into self-isolation and whereas the children in the refuge were playing together before, now we have to be careful with that. I think the children are doing well, but they definitely miss their normal routine. I am happy that we have got support workers to help us with what we need - I am really grateful for that.

It’s definitely having an impact on the children. My son even did not want to go the garden the other day as he thinks that he might catch a virus.

I think they are tired of me constantly repeating to wash their hands. They do miss school and their friends.

My eleven-year-old said he was missing school and having fun with his friends at breaktime.

For me the routine is the same every day since the beginning of lockdown - cooking, eating, monitoring the kids and going to bed.

I asked my daughter to describe her day and she said: “I wake up, do my studies and then I play board games with my brothers. Sometimes when they do not want to play with me, I watch movies or paint."

I do not have time for myself, but that’s okay for now as my children are doing well and when they are happy, I am happy too.”

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