Coronavirus: 14 Ways To Fundraise From Home

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Written by Eleanor Hoppe

The government enforced lockdown currently means that so many of us are at home, doing our bit to help slow the spread of Covid-19. Reducing our day-to-day contact with other people is protecting the NHS and other services so that they can save lives.

While there is no doubt that reducing contact is essential to staying safe, isolating is increasing the pressures on people’s mental health, and is having a big impact on many of the people we support.

Hestia is continuing to provide support to the vulnerable during this time, and we're raising vital funds to get essentials like food, entertainment and cleaning  products out to our services.

The amount of money raised by sponsorship from members of the public tends to rise as the weather gets warmer and drier. This time of year, many people are usually outside taking part in sporting activities and raising millions of pounds for charity. With this now not possible, we’ve outlined 14 ways you could raise money from your own home and help Hestia provide for the wider community: 

1. Run 5, donate 5, nominate 5.

Run 5km (or 1km, or 10km, whatever you can do!), donate £5 to our emergency appeal, and nominate 5 friends to do the same.

2. Organise a virtual coffee morning and ask attendees to donate to join. 

If you usually have coffee catch ups with your colleagues at work, after the school run or book club with your friends, try moving it to Zoom or your preferred video chat platform. Ask everyone to donate the money they’d usually spend on coffee and a muffin and reap the benefits of getting back to your normal routine.  

3. Clear out your wardrobe, sell the clothes you no longer wear and donate the proceeds.

Now is a great time to spring clean your wardrobe and take stock of all the clothes you never actually wear. Online platforms like Depop make it so easy to receive cash for recycling your clothes. It could even promote your sales if you mention that a percentage of the cost will go to a cause in desperate need of funds. 

4. Donate a day’s commuting fare and nominate others to do the same.

Calculate how much money you usually spend on your daily commute and donate that day’s fare. Turn it into a challenge with your friends on social media and nominate five other people to do the same. See how far it spreads. 

5. Host a Quiz Night online with an entry fee.

If you’re missing the weekly pub quiz with your friends then organise your own one and take it in turns to host. Charge an entry fee and who ever is in charge that week can choose where to donate it to. 

6. If you’re celebrating your birthday, use Facebook Fundraiser and ask friends for donations.

It’s so easy to nominate a charity on Facebook that your friends can help your raise money for. As it’s your special day, ask that people join you in celebrating by making a contribution. 

7. Similarly, host a birthday party online and ask that your gift be a donation in your name.

Just like a quiz or coffee morning, ask your attendees to make a donation in your name to help celebrate your special day.

8. Turn your hobby into a hustle and donate a portion of your earnings. 

Whether you’re using your sewing machine skills to make face masks, crocheting scrunchies or commissioning portraits of your friends and then selling them online, give a percentage of your earnings towards a good cause. Watch your sales increase with your friends and family supporting your venture and your charity of choice. 

9. Make Hestia your Amazon Smile nomination.

With all the online shopping for kitchen equipment and gardening tools that the country is doing to try their hands at planting vegetables and experimenting with recipes, set up Amazon Smile. With every purchase you make on Amazon, a percentage of the price goes towards the charity of your choice.

10. Hold a Bake-Off competition with an entry fee.

If you’re isolating with friends or family, put together a baking competition and ask everyone who wants to take part to pay a fee. Mark each other on presentation, inventiveness and most importantly, taste. Whoever wins gets to nominate the charity that the entry fees are donated to.

11. Auction off treasures and donate the proceeds.

If you’ve done a big clear out of your home it’s more than likely that you’ve stumbled across things you’d completely forgot you owned. You could use social media to sell your unused belongings or auction of things of real worth on platforms like eBay. State that whatever sells, a percentage will be going to a good cause.

12. Stream a challenge live for sponsorship.

Go live on social media and set yourself a challenge in exchange for sponsorship. You can use platforms like Just Giving to livestream fundraising and collect donations. Set yourself something difficult that utilises your skills, like endless aerobics, a danceathon or non-stop gaming and ask your network for support.

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