Amelia's Story

I had never knowingly met a victim of modern slavery before I joined Hestia’s Phoenix Project. I have been working as a Human Rights consultant advising companies to better understand modern slavery within their supply chains. I was looking for an opportunity to understand the perspective of survivors and saw the role advertised online. A few weeks later, the project matched me with a survivor.

When I had my first meeting planned with Rashida*, I didn’t know what to expect. I was looking forward to meeting her and seeing what I could to do help. I even planned conversation starters to help break the ice.

We went for coffee and she brought along her two children. They were absolutely delightful with adorable smiles and a lot of our time together since has been spent in playgrounds. On one occasion, we went to Hounslow Urban Farm. We thought it would be a great day for the kids but I think she and I were the ones who enjoyed it the most. We fed the lambs, chatted and got soaked in the pouring rain but it was a really fun day out.

Some of the stories Rashida has shared about her experiences as a survivor in the UK have been heart breaking and eye opening. She is determined for her children to have the best life possible but still faces so many barriers. I see my role as being a genuine friend to her and I value the friendship that she provides to me in return.

Spending time with Rashida and her family has made me want to help change the system for survivors in the UK. I hope the Phoenix Project continues to expand and more volunteers are able to join. The team have been amazing and I feel very welcomed in the Hestia family.

Rashida is an incredibly resilient person and I look up to her as an inspiration.

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