Last week, Hestia opened a new safe house for victims of modern slavery, becoming our sixth safe house in London and the surrounding areas.

The safe house will provide a space for men who have sadly experienced the brutal trauma of modern slavery to recover and begin to rebuild their lives.

The safe house was opened by Miriam Minty, the Head of the Modern Slavery Unit at UK Home Office, and commemorated with a plaque on the wall.

Hekate Papadaki, Head of Innovations and Partnerships for our Modern Slavery Response service, said:

“We’re proud that our new accommodation can become a place for men who have experienced modern slavery to begin their recovery. We’d like to extend our thanks to Miriam Minty for opening the safe house, and to the Home Office as a whole for enabling us to provide the support we do.”

Hestia's Modern Slavery Response service started in 2011, providing safe houses in London and Kent as well as pan-London outreach support in every London borough to those affected. Since the service started, we have supported over 2,500 victims, including 839 adults and 317 dependent children in 2017/2018 alone.

Our Phoenix Project empowers members of the public to come together and volunteer their time to support victims of modern slavery in their local community. Through your support and skills, you could change the life of someone affected by this brutal crime.

Volunteer for the Phoenix Project

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