Laura's Story

My three years in Hestia’s Better Lives Forum has offered me a chance to grow my skills and confidence in ways I never thought were possible. The Better Lives Forum offers service user across Hestia the chance to use their voice to improve services that are delivered.

I feel valued that I can share my experience and senior management will listen to me to help advance the delivery of the different services.

The group is great for socialising. I used to feel really lonely but now I feel part of something bigger that is creating positive change.

Since joining, I have done so many things I would never have imagined doing. I have been part of panels responsible for recruiting new directors and trustees.

I’ve also learnt so much about teamwork and working in a busy office that it’s preparing me for going back to work one day.

In my time with the Better Lives Forum, I have learnt how to facilitate workshops, conduct surveys and even run sessions with other service users across Hestia. I’m so glad I accepted that first invitation to join Better Lives Forum. I have met so many new people and love helping them to bring their different ideas and experiences to Hestia’s work.

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