I had been worried about Abi* for a number of years.

She and her husband Joel were that "picture perfect" couple. It wasn't until I got to know Abi better that I saw anything untoward - they were vibrant, successful and had loads of exciting friends. Behind the scenes, the man with the good job, the lover of camping and craft beer and who throws the best parties was a bully. After the first year or so, Joel began to obsess over Abi's phone - who she was messaging, who she was spending time with. 

As her group of friends, Abi would make excuses to us, cancelling last minute or just not turning up. Whenever she did come, she was much quieter and would jump when her phone rang, four out of five times it was Joel checking up on her.

I dropped round unannounced one day and that was when my worst fears were confirmed, Abi was limping and told me that she and Joel had had an argument and he had punched her in the side. Following this event all her friends urged her to leave but she was adamant she couldn't live without him. I didn't know what to tell her or how to make her realise that she didn't deserve to be treated like this. 

A couple of weeks ago I heard about Bright Sky on social media. I especially loved the questionnaire because it gave me information as how I could support her as a friend and meant that I could show Abi the facts of her situation. 

I downloaded the app and sat with her when she took the questionnaire. The look on her face when she read the case studies and took the quiz - it was like a light switched on and she realised that Joel's behaviour, which she had brushed off as "just arguments" was gas lighting and domestic abuse. 

Fast forward a few months and she has moved out and filed for divorce! The app helped her recognise what she was experiencing and gave her the strength to pack her bags and leave… I will never be able to thank Bright Sky enough.

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