Sapio Research are fundraising for Hestia this Christmas. We will be running and walking the Santa in the City event on the 7th of December and all the funds raised will support women and children who have experienced domestic abuse. 

Every year, charity Hestia supports more than 4,000 women and children who have experienced abuse, helping them to recover from trauma and work towards a life beyond crisis. Hestia runs 25 refuges across 11 London boroughs and in Slough, as well as community-based support. Hestia also has teams that work directly with children in refuges, helping them to process and overcome what they have experienced.

Hestia also runs a number of domestic abuse campaigns and tools across the UK, including the Bright Sky app for people who are worried about someone they know, Safe Spaces in pharmacies and banks for people experiencing domestic abuse to use to safely call a helpline or support service, and the Respond to Abuse Advice Line, which provides advice to employers on how to respond to disclosures of domestic abuse.

Please support us in achieving our target, and help the thousands of women and children supported by Hestia to a life beyond crisis.

Sapio Research