We are one of the largest providers of domestic abuse refuges in London. In addition to our refuges, we provide community-based support and support for children.

Last year alone, we helped over 1900 adults and children to recover from the trauma of domestic abuse.

Because of your donations, we're able to offer the best support and care possible. This includes dedicated Children and Family Workers for children in our refuges, as well as our six-week Summer Play Scheme for children during the Summer Holidays.

Beena's* Story

*Names have been changed

Beena met her husband through a friend. They were soon engaged, and then, married. 

The first days of their marriage were happy, but soon, the fights started. It got so bad that she was unable to sleep and she became unwell.

Soon after, he forbid Beena from working. He wouldn't let her leave their apartment alone. The fights continued, and he would be out of control and throw things. Quickly, he'd revert back to being sweet and loving.

Last year, Beena became pregnant with her son. The fights got worse, and became physical. He would twist her hand until it bled, and threaten to do much worse. The stress caused Beena to have an emergency C-section. 

When her son was born, he continued to be abusive, even the next day at the hospital. He became more aggressive and threatened to beat Beena up. It affected her son, who was crying and twisting his body all the time.

It came to a head when Beena visited her nurse. She broke down and told the nurse everything, who helped her contact the police.

Now, Beena and her baby boy are being supported by Hestia. There is a long way to go, but with the support they are receiving, Beena is sure that recovery will be possible - for both of them.