Last year alone, we supported 1,135 adults and 507 dependent children to recover from the trauma of modern slavery. This included support through our pan-London outreach service and six safe houses across London and the South East.

Our work continues with you. Give below to support people like Peter*.

*Names have been changed

Peter's Story

When Peter was a young man, his uncle offered him a chance to leave his town in Lagos and go abroad and to make a better life for him and his mum. Dreaming big, he took the opportunity.

He touched down in Paris, and was taken by his uncle to a house. Soon after, his uncle disappeared. Peter was left in the house, alone with women he didn't know, who told him that if he tried to escape, the police would come and arrest him.

Weeks passed. When his uncle returned, he took him to London, promising that Peter would be able to go to school. This too was a lie.

Peter was forced from house to house by his uncle, forced to sleep with dozens of older women and forced to take alcohol and drugs. When he was tired, he was beaten. This continued for years, to the point where Peter accepted this as his life, and accepted that he would never see his mum again.

6 years later, while being transported to another house, he managed to escape. After months of sleeping rough, Peter is now being supported by Hestia. His journey to recovery has begun, and he is beginning to rebuild his life.