Cost of living crisis: Help keep Hestia's emergency domestic abuse accommodation open        

The cost of living crisis is having a significant impact on families experiencing domestic abuse, with the financial strain of the crisis exacerbating the circumstances faced by many survivors. In the first quarter of 2022, Hestia saw a 30 per cent rise in demand for our domestic abuse services, including our domestic abuse refuges.

The crisis is also drastically increasing the cost of moving families on from refuge accommodation, with analysis by Loughborough University indicating that the cost of rehoming a woman and two children is £5,000 more than it was two years ago. Many families, therefore, are having to stay in refuges for longer periods of time, while demand for spaces soars.

We want to make sure we’re there for as many families as possible. During the pandemic, Hestia opened 24 additional emergency refuge beds. Now, we’re asking for your support to help keep these refuge beds open.

Your donations will help us to continue running our emergency accommodation, as well as help to provide essentials including toiletries and furniture for families moving on from our refuges.

Rohana*, who fled her abusive partner with her son and has since found accommodation, says the cost of living crisis is very hard to manage day-to-day:

"Sometimes I think ‘Why did I call the police?’ because at least my son was being provided for and we had food. Now we have nothing. But then I think at least we are safe and that’s worth a lot. But it’s very hard. I only eat one meal a day – everything goes on my son. The system is not working for victims of domestic abuse and it’s only going to get harder. I’m exhausted and I’m dreading the next lot of gas and electricity bills.”

We must help to ease the strain on families like Rohana's*. We must act now.