Greetings Cards: Winter

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This greetings card features a painting created by a survivor of modern slavery, currently being supported by our Modern Slavery Response team, for our #ArtIsFreedom exhibition. The exhibition, which debuted in October 2018, featured creative pieces by men and women who had experienced modern slavery in London.

The artwork depicted what London meant to them, and detailed their journey to recovery.

This pack contains 5 x A6 blank greetings cards with envelopes

All proceeds from these cards will go to helping survivors rebuild their lives.

A quarter of women were pregnant when they arrived in Hestia’s Modern Slavery Response services. In the most ordinary of circumstances pregnancy leads to heightened periods of vulnerability, so for victims of modern slavery, their emotional and physical well-being is heavily put at risk, with 1 in 3 saying they contemplated suicide during their pregnancy.

Despite this, the desire to protect their unborn child often gave them the courage to escape. Even once they have escaped their abusers, financial difficulties can make caring for their children difficult. One woman told us she has had to substitute her own needs for those of her son, and one having to give her newborn baby cow’s milk as she could not afford formula.

Despite this, children often provide an only solace for victims of modern slavery and are a focus for hope for the future.

“Now I’m strong for the sake of my children. They are my reason to live.”