Greetings Cards: Summer

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This greetings card features a painting created by a survivor of modern slavery, currently being supported by our Modern Slavery Response team, for our #ArtIsFreedom exhibition. The exhibition, which debuted in October 2018, featured creative pieces by men and women who had experienced modern slavery in London.

The artwork depicted what London meant to them, and detailed their journey to recovery.

This pack contains 5 x A6 blank greetings cards with envelopes

All proceeds from these cards will go to helping survivors rebuild their lives.

Domestic servitude accounts for 1 in 5 of all victims of modern slavery, which often involves looking after households – cleaning, cooking and catering for family members. Having often been identified as vulnerable by their traffickers, victims are given the promise of a better life in the UK, but once they arrive, are forced to work gruelling hours for little or no pay and may rarely be allowed to leave their captor’s sight. Individuals who are exploited for domestic servitude are frequently subjected to beatings and rape.

This type of modern slavery is hard to identify, with traffickers disguising their victim as a ‘family member’.

Yet it could be happening on the street you live on.