Greetings Cards: Spring

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This greetings card features a painting created by a survivor of modern slavery, currently being supported by our Modern Slavery Response team, for our #ArtIsFreedom exhibition. The exhibition, which debuted in October 2018, featured creative pieces by men and women who had experienced modern slavery in London.

The artwork depicted what London meant to them, and detailed their journey to recovery.

This pack contains 5 x A6 blank greetings cards with envelopes

All proceeds from these cards will go to helping survivors rebuild their lives.

"Criminals exploiting victims of modern slavery will often isolate individuals to increase their vulnerability and lack of control.

Even once they have escaped their ordeal, many victims will continue to experience extreme social isolation. Almost half of the men we support have no living family, and those with family have often lost contact with them as poverty prevents them from being able to make a single phone call.

For the women who were pregnant when they arrived within our services, a longing for support and love from their own mothers was incredibly prominent. Sadly, 80% of them are estranged from their families, and a further 60% say that their advocate and counsellor are the only people they can speak with."